Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does B’not Esh meet?

We meet every Memorial Day weekend, Thursday evening though Monday midday. The only exception to this is when Shavuot falls on Memorial Day weekend in which case we set a date a year before and meet on the weekend before or after Memorial Day.

2. How much does it cost to attend B’not Esh?

We use a cost-sharing plan to collectively share the costs of coming together for our five day retreat. Each person is supported to make a decision about how much they can pay in a given year, ranging from over $1,000 to 0. Our average cost  per person is around $650.

Please see the Tamid tab on the main menu to better understand our cost sharing structure. Members pay what they can to cover the costs of our long weekend together according to a process outlined in detail on that page.

3. I can’t attend this coming Memorial Day, should I still apply?

If in general you have a commitment on Memorial Day weekend, this isn’t the right group for you. If you have a commitment this year but intend to be available most Memorial Day weekends, go ahead and express your interest and let us know it’s not for this year.

4. Where does B’not Esh meet?

For most of our history, Bnot Esh met in Cornwall, New York at the same place, the Grail, which recently closed. We are currently scheduled to meet at a retreat center outside of Los Angeles for 2019. Our future meeting locations are to be determined.

5. What happens after I apply or express interest in joining?

In order to maintain a certain level of intimacy and effective group process, B’not Esh keeps its membership limited to ensure retreats that generally range from 14-30 participants. When you submit your letter of inquiry, our membership committee will review your information and set up an interview with you. We are looking for individuals who closely align with our mission and who complement our current membership. A select number of those who express interest will be invited to join B’not Esh each year. All who express interest will be communicated with directly by the committee. New members will be accepted on a rolling basis between December 16, 2018 and February 1, 2019.