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imageThank you for your interest in joining this unique engine of the Jewish feminist revolution as we embark on the next eras of what that will mean.

People who have active histories of commitment to racial justice and Jews of color are encouraged to apply. Feminists of all gender identifications other than those who identify fully as men are encouraged to apply. Those in 20-40 are encouraged to apply. You are encouraged to apply with friends; please let us know if you are.

Please submit your answers on the following Google form (where the questions are repeated):

Thank you!


1. Please read over the statement of purpose of B’not Esh and share some reflections about how you see your life’s journey connected to the aspirations and ideas expressed here. You do not have to address each point but it would be helpful to hear your general response and your reflection on both the spiritual and political commitments of B’not Esh.( Feel free to write in full sentences, to share bullets or short anecdotes/images from your life, or to attach a video of you speaking. We want to get to know you and what animates your life; we are not aiming for a perfectly polished formal application.)

2. Bnot Esh is a collective of JEWISH FEMINISTS who organize an intentional community through an annual five-day gathering. A lot of being in B’not Esh is about being in community. We are a group that includes many individual relationships but primary to being in the group is having the love, patience, curiosity, and openness to group energy, consensus process, and group dynamics. We are a mix of introverts and extroverts, of course, and have a myriad of ways of being part of the group. We share an abiding commitment to our group and to all its members. Share a little about a group or groups you have participated in or been a member of (formal or informal, familial, political, spiritual, therapeutic or otherwise). Tell us something you’ve learned by being an active member of an ongoing group. What has been challenging for you about being a member of an ongoing group? Reflect on patterns or behaviors that your notice about yourself as a group member.

3. What else would you like us to know about you and your life circumstances? (Optional)